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Welcome to Artizan

Based in West Auckland we supply and brand a wide range of garments. Artizan has been in the apparel industry for over 25 years and in that time have seen a lot of fads and fashion come and go, we've also managed to learn a thing or two along the way. Our ability to survive the booms and busts in the industry over the years is a direct result of the loyalty provided by our clients. These include hip Streetwear labels, high end Newmarket fashion labels, Corporate entities in need of branding, event promoters pedalling their wares at Ragamuffin, or tees for the local Kilikiti tournaments. In addition to being pretty damn good at screenprinting Artizan has access to a wide and varied range of apparel which means we can supply the garments as well as do the printing. Past experience tells us what works best on different fabric types and garment styles to produce the best possible print at the most economical price. That's not to say you can't provide your own t-shirts or apparel for printing, a lot of our clients are wholesalers and do just that. If that's not you then feel free to browse the online catalogues to see what's available. If you're having problems with selection then drop us a line and we can help determine what will best suit your requirements and your budget.

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